Songs and Magic

by Lauren the flute

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Continuing a tradition since 2013, I am releasing a new EP of free music for my birthday. It's a little bit late this year because my band, The Returners, performed at PAX South the day after my birthday, and preparing for that took precedence. I hope you'll forgive me!

This album has a bigger range of music than ever before, and I've learned so much about recording and mixing over the past year. I owe so much to my friends in the VGM community, who have patiently answered so many questions, given me feedback, and supported me throughout this journey. I could not have done any of this on my own. I hope you all know how much I appreciate your help.

The title track on this album, "Pollyanna," is an anthem I have listened to for years whenever I needed to be cheered up. I hope my humble cover can do the same for other people. The world has too much darkness and sadness in it. Let's try to counteract that with our own positivity and joy. Celebrate the friendships and the love in your lives. And if things are difficult, please believe in yourself and that things can and will get better, somehow.

If you like what you hear, please drop me a note on Facebook or YouTube or Twitter. I love hearing from friends and fans! Look up "Lauren the Flute" to find me almost anywhere. :)

(Yes, I drew the album cover. See if you can identify everybody on it and what game they're from!)


released February 9, 2015

Flute, voice, mixing, cover art, etc. -- Lauren "the Flute" Liebowitz



all rights reserved


Lauren the flute Austin, Texas

Lauren loves video games, particularly old-school RPGs. She's played flute off and on since she was 12 years old, taking an extended hiatus before entering the VGM scene. She was formerly a member of Descendants of Erdrick and has played with Those Who Fight and The World Is Square, and she contributes to fun albums by other awesome VGM people. Now she's fronting a new band, The Returners. ... more

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